Whitening Gel Pack

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Once finished the initial treatments provided in the SmilePro home Teeth Whitening Kit and the desired whitening of your teeth is achieved, we recommend a maintenance treatment once every 2 weeks to stop stains from building up. The SmilePro Gel Pack containing 9 whitening treatments is perfect for maintenance and to make sure your smile continues to shine bright.

  Whitening formula for use with the Teeth Whitening Kit



Teeth Whitening Gel

Our Whitening Gel Pack is perfect for maintaining your smile all year round. Simply follow the same process and leave the gel on for the recommended 10-30 minutes for best results. With the 9 treatments (3x 3mL syringes) included, you won’t have to spend any more money on teeth whitening for over 4 months – it’s an incredibly cost-effective solution for having the celebrity smile you’ve always wanted.


It’s Easy to Maintain Your Perfect Smile

With just a 10-30 minute application every 2 weeks, your newly whitened teeth won’t wear away or lose their pearly glow. And with our free postage, there’s no need to wait long for your Whitening Gel Pack to arrive; we’ll ship it within 24 hours of receiving your order. Don’t have the money right now? We have Afterpay available on all products for our Australian customers! You can buy now and make 4 interest-free payments every two weeks with no hassle.


Purchase your Whitening Gel Pack today with the Smile Pro and keep your smile looking its best every day.



   3x 3ml Teeth Whitening Gel (9 treatments)

   Travel Box



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